The story of the flying chair

I heard a lots of stories and myths about the flying chair and how they made it and most of the people said it is not true and fake and I heard stupid story about it while ago that they used a halicopter to lift the chair to the sky. so this is my story and how did I come up with the result :) حلقات


Nowadays Advertising goes to the next level with the all new Toshiba Space Chair Commercial. You would not believe if a chair taken to space using a helium balloon has something to do with Toshiba’s gadgets which include a brand new TV, a camera and a set of GPS systems. The ad was about its new range of LCD TV’s which are to be launched in 2010. It has created a lot of fuss in the gadget-hood as many find the advertisement really cool but what does the Biodegradable lightweight chair got to do with the ultra cool REGZA SV LCD TV with a LED backlight and local dimming? Well, the answer from Toshiba is ‘Armchair Viewing, redefined’. The advertisement talks neither about the features of the TV nor about the IK-HR1S 1080i camera, which was used to freeze all those beautiful moments. The viewers get to see some of the best images from the camera compiled together into a wonderful sequence. Though it is very interesting and in fact one of the best ads made, still it doesn’t make a lot of sense for many. Simply letting off a chair into space up to an altitude of 98,268 feet is no means to advertise a television but you get to see all those images on the television which definitely talks about its clarity. The slogan ‘Armchair viewing, redefined’ though relates to the flying chair, what it exactly means is the viewing experience which one gets watching the TV. For all those ad lovers out there this is going to be so much fun!

Written by me Mohammad Fadin

Kind Regards